Photo Gallery

Working On Baan Sabai’s New Look

Many thanks to our talented and generous volunteers who help make our renovations a reality!

Doors & Windows

Tom installed trim on several doors and windows. Jim and Josh installed baseboard.

Window Trim

More of the trim work installed by Tom, Jim and Josh.

Beautiful Electrical

Ralph, a highly-skilled woodworker, built more than a dozen custom wood boxes for electrical outlets and light switches.

Children's Furniture

Cheryl converted plain pine furniture into colorful creations our future young visitors will adore.


Another example of Cheryl’s handiwork – and she shelved the books as well.

Table & Chairs

Cheryl’s magnum opus, this artfully painted children’s table and chairs!

Window Seats

The window seats in the library have new cushions thanks to Sylvia’s fine work.

Wall Painting

After eleven years, the only painted wall in the library received a fresh coat of paint, thanks to Sue!

Back Porch

Jim and Doug installed the door and screening on our back porch.

Lofty Improvements

Skillfully fitted panels now cover the knee walls in the loft.

Scroll Work

An example of the excellent scroll work done by Tom. Matches the profile of the logs perfectly!

Deck Railing

Doug and Dale worked together to give our new deck railing a couple of coats of varnish. Later, Doug and his wife Sue caulked the joints.

Flower Bed

Sharon’s love for gardening paid off in a replanted flower bed out front. Looking forward to the blooms!

Stepping Up

New steps for the breezeway. Thanks, Josh.

Ravine Clearing

Some of the junk our volunteers pulled out of a ravine near the lodge. This is about a third of it. After several women dug it up, Josh wheel barrowed it to a pickup spot.

Treasure Hunt

More junk pulled from the ravine. There was even an entire wringer washer in there! Several women sweated over this task for more than a day.


Some of the firewood that was gathered, split, and stacked. We have enough for all of this winter of half of next year as well.